Distant,Receiving,Hidden,Fetful than more than 50 black suit,From the eight-sided eight direction。

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have to say,These bodyguards are extremely embarrassed,And a hundred wars,On the way,The murderous and compression feeling of collective explosions,As if a group of violent rhinoceros。At this time, I can’t use a gun.,And they have no one in one of the triangles,Reflected Senui Wuse。
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There have been more than a dozen black people jumped from the water.,Direct chasing Chen Bing and Gu Haizhong。
There are also two people rushing to the summer.,Everyone holds a cross sword in hand。 They have heads,Can’t see。
Crew one person,Emptive of bloodthirsty,Returning three consecutive swords in summer。
Cross sword whistling voice is divided into ear,Rapidly。
Another person also sweeps from the side,Forced summer living space。
Summer faceless expression,Before the figure,The other side sweeps,And the summer is in the hand knife。
at the same time,Wrist is like a flower butterfly,Handicapped cross sword,In the moment, the backhand is a sword.。
Hands in the word swords out of a cold light。
Blood splash。
Black man behind him is behind a sword,Died。
Another cold light flashed a few flashes。
Human head is high,Shot from seven eight meters,How high is the blood wavy spray。
Headless corpse,Head rolling。
Summer with sword,Human head exposed true face。
High nose,blue eyes,It is a Westerner。
Here,Summer is not too surprised。
In fact,When I saw the plum darts and the crusted sword,He has guessed these people’s origins。
Western world,An extremely mysterious family……Slandia!
I can’t blame Haizhong.,I will run to the Mainland for help。
Nonely thinking about thinking,He instantly kills two people,I have already attracted attention,There are six people to rush to rush.。
at the same time,More than a dozen bodyguards rushed into the pavilion,Hold the triangular spurs,Rushing Chen Bing and Gu Haizhong, who is being laid。
have to say,Chen Bing’s combat power is very strong,She protects Gu Haizhong,I also hold a grabful cross sword in one hand.,It is a cold light sword screen.,Unprofitable。
Fierce fight,A group of people surrounded,But it is still difficult to break the defense of Chen Bing in a short time.。
One of them, I don’t know what to shout in English.。
I only see the two sounds.,Two figure fast back。