Zhao Xiandi biting his teeth,It’s just that it is going to work.。

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only,Summer next sentence,Make her shame,I can’t escape immediately.。
“Square talent……I seem to have a dream,Dreaming of a horse who speaks……”I looked at my hand in the summer.,A face is strange from the language,“That horse makes me slammed,I took a slap.,I feel quite flexible……”“Your bastard……I am going to kill you!”
Zhao Xiao’s long hair like a waterfall,Just willow eyebrow,Apricot……Unfortunately, the face is red,Like a drunk,Anger to anger。
“I dreamed of the horse fart.?”
Summer is inexplicably,Also look at your own hand,Some aftertaste。
“good,very good,You are waiting for me。”
Now now,How can Zhao Xiaowei can know,I am almost calculated.……Negantiable secret law,I didn’t play any role.。
She is sorry. Summer,Then, it is a gust of wind, which is generally escaped.。
Fladder,The door is smashed。
“Ha ha……”Summer changed to people’s livestock,Laugh,The eyes are also sharp。
Obviously awake。
“summer,this……what happened?”
Wang Yuxin still does not touch the mind。
In her eyes,Everything is a little dream。
Many people are regarded as the goddess of the goddess,It was actually getting your ass.。
The other party didn’t have a lot of,This is really incredible.。
Summer road,“She just showed a secretary of similar mental control and hypnosis。”
Wang Yixin’s eyes,Face is cloudy。
“Unfortunately, the secret is useless to me.……”Summer is not concealing,I have said that all the things happened again.。
During this period,Wang Yixin’s expression is shocked,Sometimes anger,Sometimes it is revealed。
“……I see,No wonder,No wonder……”Wang Yixin biting his teeth,“Zhao Xiaoji followed many male martial arts,Unlimited charm,As if I can conquer anyone,It turned out that she was in trouble……”Toned,She suddenly laughed,“Ha ha……Live,On the end, the geese is gone, and the geese.,Your slap……”Say,She smashed the summer.,“You are deliberate.,how?
Look at her?”
Summer laughing,Shake your head,“My life,Only at the martial art。”
Wang Yuxin,Deepness appearance,Simulation,“Pursuing martial arts and choosing partners do not conflict,Do you have a woman who doesn’t like it??”
Summer shook again,The look is extremely firm,“Except for martial arts,Don’t make him think。”
Say,Change the subject,“She is doubting me.?”
Wang Yixin also converges the same emotions,“This possibility,but……I think she is more likely to be for three months after three months.。”
“American feast?”
Summer frown,Query。
“every year,Shencheng will hold a 100-day banquet,Choose a list of monetary women’s repairs。”
Put in this way,Wang Yixin’s look is slightly agglomerated,“certainly,Surface is a banquet,In fact, it is the contest of all major chambers of commerce.,One of the most important lists,That is the ranking of ten major business women。”
She looks straight to the summer,Patience,“Ten major business women’s list,It is also the top ten identity of the outer identity.,Because every woman is slim,Have a chamber of commerce,The higher the ranking,The more the strength of the Chamber of Commerce is representative。
Many large single business,Will be asked for this ranking。”
“You are also in this rankings?”