“Just curious,After all, I am not easy to join in.”Spring is uncomfortable。

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“All right,All right,He is Shennong,Not a good role”Xiao Nan Ausu。
Actually this person,Every time I think of actually existed。
But see Xiao Nan’s look,It seems that he doesn’t pay much attention to him.。
“He is the remains of the country,Made a zero-tailed thing,I want to absorb Churan,To achieve the revival of empty countries”Xiaonan explained。
“Now he is lobbying the long door to help him”Small southern。
Zero tail!
I really want to come out,Isn’t this a long door to check Crala??
But it seems that Shennong is a holiday.,Does he make zero tailings to provide power to it??
That is interesting.。。。。
“Forget it,His strength is not strong,Just for the premium,Now just find the right person for a moment.,Eat”Xiao Nan said。
“Oh oh”
Spring picked up the chopsticks and started sweeping。
Chapter 41 Wooden cultivation
after eating,Quan Wei sent Xiaonan to the base,Go back。
As for Shennong, he is not interested.,Look for a chance later。
Springs look at the daylight,At noon today, he has helped the long door to transform Chakra.,So he returned to his own small building.。
Spring back home does not continue to exercise。
Instead, I came to the secret room.。
He thought about it,Just a few printers in your hand,Then on the ground。
Run suddenly spread out,This is a spiritual surgery。
A smoke spread out,Another spring appeared here,He summoned his secret base.
And he he himself disappeared in the secret room for smoke.。
The body of the spring came to the secret base in the underground.,The shadow next to the body nodded,Then change to smoke。
He passed through the spirit,Compese yourself and face your position。
However, it is very easy to use.,But it is a bit of inconvenient,Also shadow to share the same operation,If you get the flying thunder, it is fine.。
Although I have no four generations of reactivity,Use the flying thunder to fight,But as a long-distance moving god level skill,Still very practical。
But then this will be considered again.,Also chance。
He looked at it in the corner.,There is also a nicker laugh at the side of the eye.。
Then his body is suspended,I left here.。
The moon has risen。
Spring flew to a wilderness,It has been very far away from the wooden leaves.。