Fist,Seems to be soft,Only a touch of faint residual,Even without a sound。

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Invincible in the heart。
The other’s killing does not cause any emotional fluctuation,Just is a cold and horrible。 “Flame!”
Next second。
Tira widened,Some can’t believe,Undergone,Her whole arm instantly,Half body is like lightning strikes。
This is Tila’s only cognition。
Must be killed in the summer,It is the best opportunity now。
The other party is hit by angels,I can still play such strength,It’s too terrible.。
This is a flash of thoughts.,Tila once again,Early hands-made hand knife constantly。
And at this time,Summer scorpion is shot two cold light,Action is very casual,But it is a slap,Two wrists of the other party。
The 戾 戾 戾 in Tila。
She can feel the pound power from the two palms in the summer.,Positive to spread your wrist,I want to break free.,But I found that I can’t get it.。
Tirah is close to the summer,Welcome to the opponent’s ancient well,Can’t help but a heart palpitations。
Brittle sound,Tila’s arms have been broken by anti-combined students.,Send a scream of screaming,“Ah……”
She didn’t think of it.,Summer is actually such terrible,Even if he suffered from heavy,It’s still not she resistant to。
Blood splash,Summer suddenly,At the same time, a little legs,Heavy bombardment on the abdomen of each other。
Painful scream,Tilang fly out,Heavy collections,Surprise。
Her arms are completely broken,And that feet is terrible,The top of the five organs is broken, http://www.gzballs.cnand the general persistence is very painful.,Blood is constantly overflowing,Bloody water is red。
哒 哒 哒。
Summer walking。
“Impossible……How can you still be so strong?!”
Tila strong tolerate pain,Expect。
For such words,Summer does not respond,Because it is meaningless,But the killing in the scorpion is getting more and more。
“You……You can’t kill me……”
Tila is afraid of,The internal organs have been hit hard,Double arm is broken,She did not escape at all,Can only scream in hysteria,“I can tell you a secret,But
You guarantee that you can’t kill me.……”
Summer is not moving,Continue to walk。