And at this time,Pressed footsteps,The ward door is quickly pushed open,Then I flour into a group of people。

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It is the two patients who have ran to call the doctor.,And a doctor in white coat and a few nurse。
“Um?Dr. Zhang, you are also,How is the patient?。”
The doctor came to see Dr. Zhang,First greevis,I have a long asked。
“Should……It’s stable.,Give you。”
Dr. Zhang barely smiled,Hurry and open the topic,“Dr. Luo got to see it.,I don’t know much about the patient’s situation.。”
This new doctor nodded,View immediately before the bed。
“Bamboo?How to have a needle?”
He quickly saw the silver needle of the patient with the face,Nowadays are surrounded by surrounding。
Everyone brushs to see the summer。
Sun Mengmeng rushed,“Dr. Luo,Such,Just patient……”
She said that she passed her through a short story.,Finally pointing in the summer road,“It is this Xia Mr. Summer.,So the patient will smoothly,Dr. Luo,Mr. Xia said that the patient is hypermation capacity shock,And there is a problem in the lungs……”
Doctor, Dr. Luo is a little surprised.,Carefully do summer,The eyes of the inquiry, I looked at Zhang Dr.。
Dr. Zhang’s face is more ugly.。
He just want to talk,Suddenly,Announced people screamed,“Not good,Patients have bleed……”
Everyone is shocked,Hurry up。
I only see the patient’s mouth and nostrils,Row the blood outward。
However, this blood and party are different.,Some viscous and black。

First1679Chapter Question
A scene,Let everyone in the ward be great。
I saw that the sick nose is again overflowing with some black and viscous blood.。
“What’s wrong with this?……”
“Doctor,Fast rescue……”
The family of several patients immediately immediately attached to the new Luo can’t。
Everyone is very panic,Only Zhang Dr. is happy,Pointing to the summer。