Beware of diseases that can be caused by improper dinner

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Beware of diseases that can be caused by improper dinner

Introduction: By accelerating the pace of life, dinner has become the only meal that office workers can enjoy calmly and beautifully.

Therefore, dinner is often considered to be enjoyable and reunion.

As everyone knows, this is extremely unhealthy-a diabetic diet is too full, and the concentration of amino acids and fatty acids in blood will increase, which will cause a large amount of secretion.

Because people generally reduce their activity at night and consume very little heat energy, the excess volume is synthesized by a large amount of fat under the action of insulin, which makes people gradually gain weight.

Therefore, dinner for middle-aged and elderly people should be light, and the absorbed conversion exceeds 30% of the total conversion throughout the day, which is beneficial for preventing and controlling obesity.

Stones According to expert research, urinary stones are related to dinner too late.

This is because the main component of urinary stones is calcium, and except that part of the calcium contained in food is absorbed and utilized by the intestinal wall, all excess calcium is excreted from the urine.

The peak of human urination is usually after a meal 4?
5 hours, and dinner is too late, most people no longer perform activities, go to bed, so the urine produced after dinner will be retained in the urinary tract, can not be excreted in time.

In this way, the calcium content of urine in the urinary tract will continue to increase, and urine stones will form over time.

Eating too much meat with high blood pressure will not only increase the burden of high blood pressure, but also increase blood pressure. In addition, when a person’s blood runs slower during sleep, a large amount of blood lipids will be deposited on the walls of the blood vessels.Suffering from hypertension.

Scientific experiments prove that people who eat fast food at dinner generally have higher blood lipids than people who eat vegetarian food 2?
3 times, and people suffering from high blood pressure and obesity will be more harmful if they like to eat food at dinner.

Coronary heart disease, the proportion of early and Chinese food, dinner should be eaten less, and generally requires that the transformation provided by dinner does not exceed 30% of the total cumulative transformation of the day.

If too much intravenous injection, it can cause an increase in hemodialysis; high quality of intravenous injection can also stimulate the production of low density and very low density lipoprotein.Another major cause of cerebrovascular disease.

Diabetes If a middle-aged person overeats for a long dinner and repeatedly stimulates a large amount of insulin secretion, often the islet cells fail prematurely and diabetes occurs.

Bowel cancer. If most of the food in a day is eaten once at dinner, and the activity is reduced, a certain amount of protein cannot be digested, and a small amount of digestion cannot be absorbed.

These substances are subject to the effects of anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine, which can produce amine enzymes and break down toxic substances such as indole.

These toxicants can increase the burden on the liver and kidneys and toxic stimuli to the brain.

Intestinal motility slows down during sleep, which relatively prolongs the time these substances stay in the intestinal cavity, leading to an increased incidence of colorectal cancer.

Diabetic inflammation has too many dinners, eats too much, and drinks too much alcohol, which can easily cause acute pneumonia.

If stones are incarcerated in the ampulla of the biliary tract, maggot obstruction, and chronic biliary infections, etc., it is more likely to cause acute pneumonia.

Insomnia dinner is full, replacement of bulging implants causes pressure on surrounding organs, excessive burden on reorganization, liver, gall bladder, and traces will generate information to the brain, activate cells in the brain, and once excited “waves” spreadTo other parts of the cerebral cortex, it can cause insomnia and cause all kinds of dreams.

Nightmares often make people feel tired, and over time can cause diseases such as neurasthenia.

So, how to eat dinner is reasonable, science?

Sina TCM Healthcare gives you a few suggestions: First, the amount should be moderate, and you should not drink too much, but stop eating.

Second, you need to chew slowly to help digestion.

The third is that the food is mainly light, and the meat and vegetables are properly matched.

Especially the elderly, eat less fried salty and sweet food.

People who sleep late may drink a small glass of milk, two or three biscuits, or a small bowl of soy milk before going to bed. Do not eat a lot, otherwise it will affect sleep.